Simple Twist on Pancakes

As much as I love pancakes, they often get boring. Understandably, because pancakes are commonly thought of as a plain, basic breakfast food. However, today I tried to make them a little more interesting.
To start, I added cinnamon & vanilla extract into the batter. This gives a subtle lift of flavor. You may also want to add lemon if you prefer fluffier pancakes.
Next, I added fruits to the mix. Gently stir in the fruits, making sure not to mash them up.
Today I used strawberries & bananas. But I recommend using any types of berries. Really, you can experiment with whatever fruits you’d like.
Once you’re ready with your batter, cook them whichever way you want. I recommend cooking them slowly so that the middle gets cooked evenly without the outside burning.
Considering pancakes really don’t have quite the nutritional value, consider including fruits to the plating of it. This also adds to the overall appearance.
Bon Appetite!